Valmont Sports and Industrial Lighting Masts

Sports and Industrial Lighting Masts

Sporting venues require exceptional lighting for ideal visibility by players and fans alike. From outdoor recreation facilities to the largest sport stadiums, Valmont Morocco can design, manufacture, and deliver the floodlight high mast poles needed. In fact, many of the most anticipated televised sporting events in the world are made possible by sports lighting poles which are custom engineered and manufactured by Valmont operations.

Valmont offers tapered steel high-mast poles for transportation applications and also for other large-area lighting applications, such as those found at car parks, railways, airports, shipping terminal facilities, and large heavy-industry zones. In all these applications, safety is paramount and technical design expertise is essential.

A variety of designs and mounting accessories are available, including platforms, climbing ladders, and retractable lighting systems. Hot-dip galvanizing and many attractive coatings are available to protect masts from corrosion.

Contact Valmont Morocco to learn about about our engineering and production capabilities for high masts designed especially for sports, stadium, and industrial lighting applications.