Transmission and Distribution Power Poles, Masts, Towers

Valmont Power Poles, Masts, and Towers

Valmont is one of the world’s largest providers of high-quality steel poles, masts, towers, and structures for power transmission and distribution applications. We design, manufacture, and galvanise steel transmission poles in-house, at one of dozens of Valmont production and coating facilities located around the world.

At Valmont Morocco, we understand every electrical transmission and distribution project is as unique as the site upon which it is installed. Valmont Utility provides standard and custom-engineered solutions. Our sturdy, dependable structures are built to meet specified standards for THT networks, HT, and HTA.

Valmont transmission and distribution poles, masts, and towers yield both the highest value and the most reliable solution for our customers.

Contact Valmont Morocco to learn more about these unique wood high masts for outdoor lighting applications.