Valmont Wood Collection of Lighting Masts

Wood Lighting Masts, Columns, and Poles

Valmont customers seeking to integrate decorative lighting into natural environmental settings are increasingly interested in the attractive wood pole designs offered by Valmont Structures and Tehomet, a Valmont company, based in Finland.

The visible grain, surface texture, and finishing options of wood result in countless product variations. Valmont decorative wood poles are available from 2 to 18 meters in height and are available in 4 standard shapes: conical, circular cylindrical, square tapered cylindrical and square. A remarkable variety of custom shapes and sizes are available as well.

Valmont offers 100% PEFC-certified laminated wood in these masts. The PEFC label guarantees the raw materials are harvested from a sustainably managed forest.

Contact Valmont Morocco to learn more about these decorative wood lighting masts for your next outdoor lighting project.